Cirque du Soleil – a touch of sunshine


     Truly a mesmerising experience that leaves the very essence of you tingling in awe… 

Cirque du Soleil has been in my mind since first hearing about it. So when this wondrous human circus (‘like no other on the planet’) were doing their rounds, it wasn’t a question of whether to go see them.

We knew we were in for a treat – we underestimated just how much of a treat that would be.

Even before the get-go the cast had us immersed. They wandered round the crowd, fully in character, interacting with everyone and just generally being cheeky. A crocodile creature appeared, snatched a man’s popcorn from his hands then began to eat it himself. A crazy maid began to tell him off (in gobbledegook), insisting he give it back. The crocodile pretended not to understand, instead throwing a handful at the man. This farce carried on until he tipped the whole bag over the man’s head, to the man’s surprise and the crowd’s delight.

The lights dimmed and the real show began. A crimson piece of fabric appeared, floating and twirling mid-air in the darkness. A wave of serenity swept over the place as the story materialised. A young girl was coming of age, with celebrations underway in the kingdom. What followed blew my mind away: diablo ballet, aerial hooping, hand-balancing, backflips off a see-saw and things I don’t even know how to describe. Each act left me in complete awe. How was their bizarre and amazing talent humanly possible? It slowly dawned on me how much energy must’ve gone into reaching that level.

Noticeably most of the performers were women, fiercely elegant in their stance. The theme of honouring femininity emanated throughout – to the realisation at the end that the live band had been an incredible all-girl piece. The music swayed from heavenly vocals with unrecognisable words to heavy, tribal drumming. It had us gazing at the stage as if in a trance.

As we left the marquee, the look on everyone’s faces were alike. Wide-eyed and smiling in fascination.

Throughout it all I’d been covered in goosebumps, feeling a warm glow similar to that of the sun touching your skin.

~ I wonder if that man ever got his popcorn back? ~

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