Wellbeing wishes


At 21 years old, realisation has hit: I haven’t taken care of myself as well as I could have for the first part of my life. Laziness, indulgence and negativity are all bad habits that have crept up on me over the years (the norms of Western society are mostly to blame for this). I’ve come to recognise these destructive patterns, as most people do, but instead of letting them take hold of me I’ve made a conscious decision to make gradual changes and bring about more positive outcomes.

This shift in perception takes place within you once you realise three things:

  1. You, yourself, are worthy.
  2. You are not indestructible.
  3. You are capable of anything.

These days, self-destructive behaviour no longer makes sense to me. I see it happen and I understand it, because there was a time when I used to partake it in much more willingly. With the way I see things now, I believe you should always strive to be the best version of yourself possible, resonating at the highest frequency to bring about good happenings. This means always taking care of yourself as though life is precious, so that you can then take care of others.

To become your higher self, you have to allow the right opportunities to find you by functioning at your optimum level. Anything less than this and you’re holding yourself back. You should be nourishing yourself – body, mind and soul – because you deserve the most fulfilling life imaginable.

Here are most of the essentials, in my eyes, for a path of wellbeing.



Find an exercise you enjoy

If you don’t exercise, gradually break yourself into it to release all those lovely endorphins as a natural high. All it takes is trying different activities to find the right one for you, one that helps you use and work on your body’s strength in your own way. Not only will it improve your physical stamina, it’ll also boost your mental one.

Learn how to cook

Too many have grown up in a world where easy-to-get, fast food is eaten mindlessly. Be patient, get to know your taste buds and delve into a world of flavours just waiting for you. Buy a cookbook, watch some cooking shows, ask your friends to teach you what they know. Your senses will thank you for it.

Eat healthily

You know the drill: 5 fruit and veg a day, 2 litres of water, all that. Pick healthier options when you want to snack. Cook instead of takeaways. Cut down on milk (you don’t need baby cow growth hormone) and meat (too much fat is very bad for you). RESIST THE TEMPTATION (I know this is difficult – take it from someone who devours a box of chocolate fingers in minutes). Work on your will power. Eat that juicy fruity.

Leave the bad things behind

Smoking, drinking, drugs, sugar, coffee: none of it is good for your body in the long run and that’s the ultimate truth that none of us like to hear. Everyone likes to think they’re invincible, until the one fatal day when someone you know has a fatal outcome. If you can overcome your bodily urges you can overcome anything. It’s mind over matter.

Let yourself rest

Get enough sleep. Allow yourself to push to your limits, but allow time for relaxation too. It’s so important to take a moment to yourself to keep things in perspective. In the Western world everything is GOGOGO and that makes it easy to lose yourself in the rush. Slow yourself down and take a breather. Meditation works wonders.



Keep learning

About everything that sparks your intrigue. Stay curious and question things openly. Delve in deep. The potential of your mind is endless – never underestimate it!

Forgive easily

Holding onto grudges helps no one. Let go, move on and learn from your experiences so you can make way for a better future. Everyone has their own struggles in life that you know nothing about, so be kind.

Don’t dwell on negative thoughts

Focus on the positive, even when times are hard. Light makes the darkness disappear.

Never put work before your family

This should not be a recurring theme, yet many find themselves in this position again and again. Know your priorities. ‘Never for money, always for love’ are words to live by.

Use ‘**** it’ the right way

F*** it, you’re going to die anyway. Use this to your advantage rather than your disadvantage. By this, I mean don’t involve yourself in destructive behaviour because you aren’t respecting yourself. Instead, allow yourself to meet challenging situations head on because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



Make time for your passions

Don’t let them take a backseat because of mere distractions. Allow enough time and energy to make progress with your ‘unconventional’ dreams. Listen to constructive criticism, but take no notice of anyone who puts you down because they haven’t realised their own dreams yet. Rise above this. People may say you’ll never make it -but you never want to make it, that’s the whole point! Keep moving on up. Believe and trust in yourself. Chances are, if you feel that passionately about something, that’s the whole reason you’re here in existence.

Be true to your real self

That means not conforming with other people’s opinions just because it seems the ‘right thing’ to do – everyone has a different opinion and you should respect this whilst staying real to your own ideals.

Allow yourself a blow out every once in a while

They’re good for you – a purge of everything in one big chunk reminds you why you don’t do it every day. Remember: everything in moderation (including moderation).

Don’t be scared to dance!

When I say dance, I mean really let loose and let your soul flow. Anywhere. Dance alone in your room or boogie on a night out. Better yet, dance your way through life. Never care who’s watching. Let yourself be free.

A bear hug and belly laugh can get you through any day

And at the end of the day, that’s all you really need.

~Nurture and love yourself first and foremost. The rest will follow~

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