Plastic is EVERYWHERE. And once you start noticing, I mean really noticing, it’s super difficult to get away from. 

Most of us would love to be able to live plastic-free lives, but lack of alternatives in the mainstream market gives us little choice to – unless we ourselves seek it out. It may be less effort to turn a blind eye, but is so much more rewarding to know that you’re consciously doing your bit (however small) to help the planet.

Some are disillusioned that we are separate from nature. We are literally EMBEDDED within nature. Earth is a living, breathing ecosystem keeping us alive. The fact that we are knowingly destroying our habitat, as a supposedly intelligent species, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. We are desperately in need of a generation of forward-thinkers. And more importantly, of integritists.

If you’re a decent person, you’ll want to do whatever you can to reduce your impact on this huge mess we’ve made.

So to get the ball rolling for you, here’s a few changes my lil self has been making to try and get closer to that zero plastic life…


Whilst on the search for a replacement, I was pretty shocked to find no sustainable toothbrushes in any large retailer. All hail the internet. Bamboo toothbrushes are the one.




Plastic bottles are one of our biggest problems. A reusable one is way more useful, and copper bottles also have many health benefits (aids digestion, increases iron uptake, strengthens immune system, etc). Dunya Ayurveda have plenty of beautiful designs to choose from.





Remember your own bags when you go shopping! Designate totes, or any other kind of fabric bags, for all your carrying needs.





LUSH have some incredible soap, shampoo and conditioner bars, with no harmful packaging or animal testing involved. With a range to choose from, they smell amazing, work wonders and last up to 100 washes. Quite literally, lush.


Moon cup

BILLIONS of tampons and pads end up in landfill EVERY YEAR. Sisters, a Moon cup is the sweet solution to this. Don’t be intimidated by them! They’re small, super comfortable and easy to use after getting used to it (don’t panic if you think it’s stuck the first time you try removing it – it does come out!). They last for years, saving you a hella lot of money in the long run.


Paper straws are the next best thing after plastic – but still damaging in that they contribute to deforestation. In which case get yourself a metal straw to take out with you (personally I thought this was a bit far-fetched – who’s gonna remember to take a straw with them all the time? – until some people in work whipped them out of their bag and I had mad respect for them for it). Or just don’t use a straw. What do you need one for anyway?




Well lighters are bloody everywhere aren’t they. Go retro with some match sticks or invest in a suave metal lighter, which you can most likely find in a smokes shop somewhere.



Wooden/metal utensils







For all you iridescent fairies out there, GET BIODEGRADABLE GLITTER. IT EXISTS. Guilt-free. Woo. Be a real fairy.



There are still so many more things we still need to find alternatives for. But think of the above as investments for a step in the right direction. The more you attune yourself to avoiding plastic, the sooner it’ll become the norm.

The way you live matters.

Go get down with it Earth lovers x


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