Kiss of IXCacao


~ IX Cacao Stage, Cosmic Convergence Festival, photo by Selva ~

Meeting Cacao for the first time in Portugal had me melted. A heartwarming, albeit unusual experience – being used to the sugary descendant Cocoa we have around home *recovering chocoholic here*, she tasted bitter and left me glowing, as true medicine should…

Two months on and there I am in her native lands – Guatemala, la Alma de la Tierra. Cacao kept finding her way to me – coming into the New Year, I was boogying under a stage in her honour – and of course I was only too happy to welcome her essence into mine each and every time. The real hot chocolate of the world, soothing and glorious, made with true compassionate love… That moment when a warm cup enters your hands and you hold it to your heart, eyes closed, breathing in the scent with a heavenly sigh – that’s the intention setting moment. To send your vibrations, wishes, thanks and prayers into the chalice holding the liquid gold that is about to become a part of you. Her energetic nature is strong enough already, so enhanced and engaged with… well, if you know, you know.


~ Retreat Cacao connection by Jodie DS & loveheART by Kakao Mishca ~

A block alike to a bar of chocolate is how I first knew her – then I slowly started to become acquainted to her true nature. I came across the bean, encapsulated in a shell to be peeled. No idea why it didn’t click that this was roasted – how have we become so distorted from source that we have no idea how the plant turns into the packaged!? – turns out she’s a juicy fruit, encapsulated in a veiny shell. I haven’t yet been introduced to her tree and I hope to connect with her spirit more deeply this way soon… I’m told her pods come down compared to that of an old lady’s breasts, as though nourishing the world – and exactly that.

Back in the day, she was used as currency in Aztec trade, which somewhat saddens me yet reveals just how precious and rich she is in herself.  (Note, Cacao is not for monetary gain, but for love!). On the cellular level she naturally contains several bliss enhancers, including theobromine and phenethylamine… Theobromine increases the realease of dopamine (‘the pleasure hormone’), whilst phenethylamine is nootropic (enhances cognition, memory and learning) and is usually released during euphoria, thus relieving stress and depression. She is also a vasodilator, allowing blood and energy to flow smoothly around the body. It’s no wonder the world adores her – this combination makes her quite the delightful aphrodisiac.


~ Theobroma Cacao, an Ancient Treasure ~

The first legend I heard of her origin was a Colombian one, in which (if I remember correctly) the daughter of a Noble man was promised to wed a suitor, yet the Priestess Xanat fell in love with a Knight instead… They were forbid to marry. Off they went together; I see them riding off into the night; pursue follows. The story has it that the couple encircled themselves in a flaming ring before they were caught… I see it as them making love within a sacred circle and then being shot by the convoy. From the blood that was spilt emerged a love like no other; Cacao and Vanilla (the gentle masculine essence).

The Mayan legend tells of the God Quetzalcóatl, who took the Cacao tree from the paradise of the heavens to generously share such magic with his people, wishing them to be healthy, well looked after and dedicated to being the best version of themselves they could be. Cacao became a way into the hearts of many near and far; encouraging openness, life to thrive and a symbol of true love.


~  the roastin’ toastin’, by Kakao Mischa ~

And whilst Cacao is enjoyable in everyday life, ceremonial Cacao is something on a whole other level. Ceremony is all about honouring the spirit that resides in everything, as the unique expression of the universe that it is. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mischa – a wonderful human who had been called to the spirit of IXCacao, Goddess of the plant, like no other. He was being initiated into Shamanism (the Medicine path) in order to share Cacao’s healing with the world.

Having experienced Cacao in ceremonial sitting before, it had always been with another medium – as a loving boost for an esctatic dance, sharing circle, voice activation or yoga. I had never just merely sat with the medicine and let her do her thing, as she is. Around a fire one night, the music speaker hanging like a Cacao pod itself from the tree, Mischa guided us on a Cacao journey… and what I experienced was nothing other than that gentle immenseness of pure bliss. It made me realise that when the plant spirit (and any for that matter) is activated in this way, met with recognition and deep respect, it allows such serene free flow of energy and connection, allowing the essence to guide you in it’s own dance with your own soul, bringing you into a higher realm in your physical and ethereal body.

Just. Wow. ad24c4ff926c5b26451d0539093ca44c--gods-and-goddesses-crop-circles

To further highlight how incredible this experience was; I had happy tears (my favourite), a small smile playing on my lips and during my meditative Oneness with All that Is, I noticed a huge grasshopper making his way towards me. We made friends after I’d allowed him to intimidate me a little, he stepped onto my palm for a moment and then hopped onto Mischa’s leg and crawled around to the back of his neck, right on the pineal gland point, to stay there for some time.

I welcome such magic. I am honoured and blessed to know the spirit as I do, to be a guardian and envoy to carry on her legacy and medicine forthward, sharing her story as it is meant to be told  for the light of harmony meant for us all…

She has changed my life and continues to do so every time I meet with her. We dance together. She lives in me, reminding me who I am, that love really is the only answer. By freeing me of my tendencies which had me consuming self-destructive things,  she fills me instead with complete compassion, realisation, forgiveness, acceptance, reverance and celebration for my own being. Always a tender kiss for the soul.

Cacaocita,  so very pleased to meet ya. ¡Viva la medicina!

52922873_409429729825701_2435192640891781120_n (3)

~ Mmm chickooeay ~




~ The Cacao Kiss ~

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