Honouring Our Moon Cycles


~ Tilly-Ann ~

Something happened and it was wonderful. I woke up one morning to find myself on my period and for once, I was happy about it (quite literally over the moon). A rarity!?

There was no longer a sense of  ‘this darn thing again’; I realised for the first time, that here I was welcoming it with a sweet sense of celebration – for no other reason than that this was my time to recharge, let go of things past and allow myself some loving self-care as I moved through to the next cycle. This whole new perspective was life changing – I suddenly saw the process as it should be and what a bloody breath of fresh air! This monthly occurrence is coming with me throughout life – how could it be that I look upon my own natural rhythms with anything else but love?

So, happily, I popped in my Mooncup. Mooncups, sometimes known as Diva (i.e. Goddess) or Athena cups, collect blood neatly in a chalice and live in an elegant little pouch the rest of the time. This conversion from tampons was motivated by their sustainability as reusable, without plastic… yet it became an investment in myself more than I could ever have imagined. I began not only to take real notice of my rhythms, but to understand them more deeply – realising the amount of blood I was releasing, seeing where the moon was in it’s phase and feeling where my emotions, intuitions and visions were at. It was connecting the dots, alignment with nature and heightened awareness of my physical form.


~ Moon Cup & Moon Vial ~

This whole Moon reference was something else I was to become acquainted with, instead of referring to bleeding as a period, it became my Moontime. This does us so much more justice, no? To shed some light on this name, if I must, the Moon has generally been felt as a feminine energy throughout time… Her hold of the Earth moves the tides of the oceans, so of course she moves the tides within us, too. As Wombyn with this monthly flow, we are bound to be swayed by such a force of nature…. Changing these terms we use to describe ourselves allows us true recognition as the epic beings we are.

Along with this, I became aware of how much energy I have around the full moon – I am far from sleep the nights that Moonrays are beaming down so bright. This is when my creative and connective flow tends to be at it’s peak, so I use the energy wisely and either go into full power creatrix mode or go for a boogie (aka celebration of life). The Lunar phases represent for us our menstruation cycle; a Full Moon is a new life in it’s most fulfilling form with the highest potential – our ovum at it’s most fertile. The New Moon is the darkest time, representative of the bleeding period and somewhere shadowwork can be delved into as we undergo intense healing processes, the shedding of blood and the depression we may feel with the hormones of ovum death. But with death comes transformation and rebirth; a new cycle. Aiming our goals, being clear with our upcoming dreams and focusing our intentions carries us through gracefully at this time.  When we really tune in, we can make the most out of these opportune energy fluxes…

~ Moon Halo Spell: Gaze at & repeat “I AM STRONG, I AM MOON, I AM MAGIC” x3 ~

As I undergo this whole process of healing my relationship to my Moon, I’ve realised that there’s more wholesome ways of saying goodbye to my blood rather than washing it down the sink as though it needs to be cleansed away. A dear Seastar told me her ritual of offering it to the Earth… This felt way more resonant, yet it felt forbidden. I felt a pressure to be secretive about it. So under the cover of night, I would sneak out with it in a cup and whisper some beautiful words to the world as it sank into the soil. I was challenged big time whilst living in community and needing to empty it by daylight. I felt shy and a sense of shame walking down to the Lake as I carried my hidden Mooncup down the path. Was what I was doing going to be considered completely crazy? Would people be disgusted? Was this wrong somehow? These thoughts were nonsense and I listened to this internal conversation going on and realised how far away we have been conditioned to detest, see as unclean and be ashamed of our flow. What mattered was not the judgement of others through clouded vision, but the genuine connection to my own body cycles with that of Nature… I humby emptied the cup and it looked beautiful as it dispersed in the water. It felt like such a relief – “/here I am, world\”.

Yet, I was still in need of a way to transport my blood without causing concern to ‘Muggles’ or bringing unnecessary attention to myself as I went about my special little process. Behold, the holy vial! I realised one day that the little jar used for some Rose Gereanium essential oil was the answer. Kept in the little pouch, it allowed me to go do my thing and remove my Mooncup, pour the blood into the vial and keep it safe, sacred and secretive enough in my silky little pouch, ready to offer to the Earth at the right time. This is how is should be! Moontime with all the elegance, grace, respect, empowerment, love and appreciation it deserves.


~ Red Tent Gatherings allow Wombyn space for our Sacred Rites as such ~

My ritual process is personal and intensely close to my heart; I share it with openness now in the knowing that insight can inspire my fellow females to honour themselves, heighten their self-love rituals and encourage support of each other as we do so. It was New Moon; I’d drawn a vision map the night before. In the morning light I walked to a secluded part of the beach with my precious vial as the treasure it is and went to a little cove surrounded by reeds (a symbol of St. Brigid – protective spirit and dear guardian), said my thanks to Spirit, called upon Angels and reaffirmed my intentions. I offered my blood as a symbol of shedding all old layers that no longer serve myself and also this entire world; let them dissolve away as the crimson did now in the water. An Elder lady and her granddaughter were not far off in the cove, washing their clothes. The young girl was watching me curiously. Once I’d swirled my what-was keeping me alive, the girl’s face was somewhere between surprise, confusement and disgust. This amused me. I smiled at her kindly. As I walked out of the cove, the Grandmother had a chuckle along side.

That day I came away knowing it’s time to come out of hiding. From now on I cease to allow myself to be suppressed by the old ideas that have no place in a true world of pure recognition and real perspective… Let them see me pour my blood to the Earth. No more unnecessary shame or secrecy. Let us be proud and bold about it. Bleeding is a part of our lives – why not make it the most beautiful it can be? We bleed so much and still live. The fuck, y’all. What mighty vessels we are. Liberation into our future, this way!


~ Womb Art by Ouvra ~

If you haven’t already, I hope you fall in love with your Moon soon. Know you have the unlimited love and support of all your sisters stepping up to reclaim their power in this world, waiting for you to join us. We got yo back girl. It ain’t always easy overcoming the current and over-expired mindframe but it could be, it should be, it will be and it’s all worth it. No pressure and no shame.

You are so worth the time and energy to love yourself a whole lot more.

I haven’t painted with my blood yet, but I intend to!…


Love your blood, love! ~



For the people who aren’t able, for their own various and personal reasons, to afford basic luxuries, I shall sign off on this note…

Also looking at u UK cause u did this too but don't forget it isn't just women that get periods

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