Today’s Musings


*The Smiths ~ The Queen Is Dead (Album)* ~ Doodle-doo


Today, I find myself in a good place. The happy zone! A.K.A. Home. With a capital H for Hearth and Home. So I should write from this hymn sheet more often I suppose! This is only an iddy biddy one.

When I was much younger, I was an extremely shy kid. It may not have seemed so to those who knew me, yet that was the case. And to all you coy, shy or nervous wrecks out there (I say it with love having been there myself :L) there IS hope. And so much more than that.



*Artist Unknown ~ please credit!*

Have faith, young and old and middle-aged and teen and inbetween beans! I’m 24 and I only broke out of my shell around the age of 14… or, the age I began binge-drinking. AHa! That magical liquor. *Sincerest apologies to all the borderline alcoholics I may have offended with my hatred of the stuff (N:B: LOVE and HATE, like Yin and Yang, are actually pretty similar in essence. Take it easy y’all).* I digress. Well, I am a lioness. And Proud. Yes, with a capital pea. In the end, we’re all peas in a pod.


Thank you

My pod got shaken and in my blood family with have inherited traits of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This we have all been working through on our own levels… They don’t arrive so easy now, the nervous tremors. Only when under extreme strain. So I used to look like I was having worries almost ALL the time. Now, with a health focus and coping mechanisms they come and go…

The idea I wish to speak about (to get to the point precisely), is that my sat-down sharing circles on the magic carpet will go something like this:

  • There is a magical talking stick, or teddy, which we pass around
  • We first take a moment to ourselves, perhaps 5 minutes, to think about what we want to share at this point in time
  • We open our eyes, join hands (by crossing your arms into an X!) and shake each other’s!
  • Now, a brave monkey goes first by raising their hands, or if needs be, I’ll begin 🙂
  • We have however long each person needs (trying to keep it to ~3 minutes…)
  • We listen, we empathise (imagine how it is in their shoes) and we care.
  • We chest thump ourselves, give thumbs up, clap or click to applaud
  • We thank each person for sharing
  • Once everyone has had a turn, we ask if anybody would like to add anything or give somebody in the circle thoughful feedback (for example, how do you feel about the subjects that have arisen/come up?)
  • We close the circle by standing up and putting our hands in the center one by one (coconut crack style)
  • And…… wheyyyy! We go

Everyone’s story is important.

I insist.

Each and every one of us.

~Pow wow wow diggy oh dijer-ay!~


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