That Word.

Wolf roar

Dear readers.

Have you ever heard of the boy who cried Wolf when there was none?

That’s a fable.

The moral of the story is not to hound out when there’s nothing to cry about.

Scars tell stories.

And mine is hardly as big as others.

Yet I will tell mine in the hopes that others may speak up and be heard.

Right now –

I’ve just opened up to my family for the first time about the big mistake of a mess I got myself into in a town over in Guatemala.

Even now as I’m writing I hear myself blaming myself, when in all truth, there is no excuse.

You know what word I’m talking about.

Why is it so difficult to speak about?

It happens more than it should.

FUCK IT. Rape.

Without the accent.

I was traumatised for a while afterwords. Basically, I woke up to a man with his hands down my pants – someone I had blindly trusted as I was in self destruct mode after (this seems irrelevant now) the guy I was in love with cancelled his flight out to see me.

The town where it happened is named after Saint Peter and there is a lot of things not so saintly about this place.

Drugs, motorbikes, alcohol, guns and gangs.

After the 2 people from Europe lost their lives this summer in that place, tourism went down. That could easily have been me. Yet I spoke to a drug dealer who happened to be acting as though he was looking over a dear love who was in similar situation as I would have found myself in if I hadn’t found some very safe and high security places to base in. No money, lack of communication with the outside world (or ‘reality’ as some prefer to call it) and a whole lot of talent. In reality, she is the one bringing the cards to the table.

The reason he didn’t fully take advantage of me and I didn’t DIE or become some trafficked victim is, for one, that I have a whole lotta prayers and layers of protection surrounding me. Apart from that, I tuned into my OWN power and did not let the full thing happen. This can be done by imagining you have sunshine, a ball of golden, at your very C-O-R-ERemember you are made of this very same light, darling ones.

Related image

The middle circle is the solar plexus chakra, so think of the sun.

The top circle is the heart centre, in between the physical and ‘ethereal’ hearts – think pink for love or green.

The bottom circle is those that reach through the grounding and enlightening energies. 

 Move this ball throughout your body, with you mind, to calm your spirit.

I will speak more on this topic next on video log.

Thank you for your time, patience and understanding.


In memory of fellow English Rose Catherine Shaw. 

Grand Mother Earth and Grand Father Sky,

please bless her soul, now resting in her own forever happy, place, forevermore.

“She will now forever be a part of the sunset of Lago Atitlan”.


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