Art is not defined as a painting you draw,
though it is that too
Art my love is in everything you do
In how you see things through
Everything in life, your unique creation
Action plus intent brings about manifestation
Radical expression of a free nature
Realisations upon realisations
Earth, just eh without art
Eh reverse add art – it’s Heart, Hear Art
See Art, Breathe Art, Taste and Feel Art, Be Art
Live with the whole of your heart!
Wholeheartedness in all that you birth
In your creation on Earth
We were born to serve the highest good
So whatever makes your soul sing,
Do that so you should, go on n do your thing
It’s only yours to bring
Stand tall be proud, you are more than allowed
To do this existence the real justice it deserves
No time for nonsense, only true purpose
Giving life meaning, here for a reason
Seeking yet the answer has never been anywhere
other than inside Oneself
All a part of the journey, remembering our Sovereignty
Weave your dreams into the fabric of reality
Every single moment has the potential for more clarity
Breathe intent, reinvent this world of ours
Thoughts become things, the Cosmos is always listening
Meantime keep being that beautiful self of yours
Thou already Art.

Thou Art, Art ~ Paige C. L. Elmes


‘Den of the Lioness’



‘Ladybird land’

“True love is creating beauty where there was hatred, light where there is dark, health where there may lie dis-ease and above all else, wonder in the space of absolutely nothing at all” ~ Dr. Guess

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